Are You Crazy Enough to Do Such a Thing

If you’ve seen the movie Apocalypto, you too were probably surprised and mildly disturbed by the way Native Americans used to decorate their body with scars. Tattoos of today are child’s play compared to that. Eyeball decorations, on the other hand, could probably be even more badass. Crazy what people will do to change their appearance.

art 1 Are You Crazy Enough to Do Such a Thingart Are You Crazy Enough to Do Such a Thing

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  1. LoveAint says:

    Just type in free tattoo diengss . You will prolly get at least a million hits. Pat Fish is a good one tho. Why not do something a little more personal? Have an artist friend design something for you. Or, you could draw up something yourself. Any reputable artist will work with you on getting the design just right. If artist is not willing to work with you, you need find a new one. Another website you might try is It lists many of the top tattoo artists in the world. At least when you go there, you will be able to determine what kind of style you are looking for. And maybe you will see something you really like and you can do your own take on that design. I got lucky. I found a great artist to my first professional’ tattoo. She found a picture of what I wanted and she put her own spin it. It’s perfect for me. I trust her work so much that I gave her an idea for a calf sleeve and told her to run with it. She has free reign of design and color. I hope you will find an artist that will be willing to the same for you. Best wishes and keep us posted!

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